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Project DongleHider+
DongleHider+ assembled.jpg
Framework Module for dongles with external USB-A port
Status Initializing
Contact Wheeze_NL
Last Update 2024-06-29


We're planning to order a bunch of DongleHider+ After some consideration we're going to order them from

Table of Interest

Wie Aantal Bereikbaar via
Wheeze_NL 2 Initiator
SynQ 5 Diverse
fieldOfView 1 Pixelbar
polyfloyd 1 RevSpace
elboro 4 Pixelbar
Dany 1 Discord
Boekenwuurm 1
Xesxen 1

2024-04-26 - Ordered 16x (2 or 3 spare for people who would like to join)

Price will most likely stay under 20 euros.

2024-06-29 - Order shipped

Should be in NL Soon(tm)